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Brazilian Institute of Human, Smart, Creative and Sustainable Cities

Connecting cities, transforming lives.

For a more Human, Smart, Creative and Sustainable future.

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The future belongs to CHICS:
Human, Smart, Creative and Sustainable Cities.

Human Cities

Taking care of people is the city's greatest and first vocation. What do the local Community dream of? What are their experiences? What are their skills? How are they organized? How do they like to live? We have entered a new era, in which artificial intelligence and the internet of things have changed our way of living and relating to each other. It is essential to know the particularities of each community, in each city, and adapt our training and methodologies so they become customized to each reality and thus, connect everyone with the challenges of this 21st century. This is what IBRACHICS does, love and care, because technology can never replace our personal relationships and our affection. Our slogan is “Technology does not replace human spirit”.

Smart Cities

A smart city is one that integrates it’s technological systems and equipments, spread across on the same platform, with the purpose of crossing data and information, improving decision-making and facilitating the integration of people among themselves and with public authorities. All of this enables the city management to be more efficient and effective, therefore successful! For it to work, it is necessary to provide the city with technological infrastructure and improve connectivity. IBRACHICS has the best way for the city to achieve this quickly and assertively. And we start providing the organization of the municipal management, with a methodology that was awarded by UN-HABITAT with the best practices award, all over the world.

Creative Cities

Creative economy is one of the main drivers of economic development in this new era. The current reality is that artificial intelligence has been very quickly learning the standardized tasks that humans perform, replacing it in traditional work and forcing us to learn new tasks. At least for the time being, artificial intelligence cannot surpass us in creativity and that is the field in which humans are much better than artificial intelligence. Therefore, stimulating people's creativity alongside a method for organizing creations,  focusing on economic development is a task of paramount importance these days. All this, of course, without losing sight of the democratic freedom for people to create what they want, however they want. IBRACHICS has several award-winning methodologies for the development of the creative economy.

Sustainable Cities

Sustainability is a broad concept that goes beyond environmental preservation. Taking care of our planet, understanding that we can provide that the Earth ways to regenerates itself every day, so that our rivers and forests are always clean and beautiful, that our air is always pure and that future generations can also enjoy the the beauty of our mother nature is a matter of conscience that needs to be nurtured and taught to everyone, every day. Developing a smart city is also about ensuring that the city's ecosystem works in a sustainable way in environmental terms, but also in the long term. IBRACHICS has a fantastic strategy to make sustainability a reality in our cities.

IBRACHICS is the main research and development center for Human, Smart, Creative and Sustainable Cities in Latin America.

The city must be an integration between housing, mobility, leisure, education, work, technology, everything. It is not enough to label - “smart” cities, “resilient” cities, etc. With no integration, no action. Either the city does it or does not.

Technology is not supposed to replace coexistence neither the human spirit. Life is a journey we ride together, connected in consciousness much more than just technologically.



The future of a city, of a country, has the face of the education that is provided in the present.


Don't worry, we're in a hurry!



The future belongs to CHICS

A smart city is built in the long term, around four years, but also with immediate, short and medium term deliveries. It's a journey.


It is essential to work on the city in an integrated manner, in its five layers: the people; the basement; the soil; the technological infrastructure; and the internet of things and artificial intelligence platforms.


Much more than smart cities, they are CHICS: Human, Smart, Creative and Sustainable Cities.


In this book, the reader will appreciate everything about the subject with the main Brazilian and European specialists, who dedicated more than ten years of studies, research and experiments to help Brazil and it’s cities to organize themselves for this new era, this "new normal".

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